Forensic level supply chain security

Helping Brand owners to guarantee total protection of their entire supply chains.

meet Hexavalence.

Our group expertise across Anti-Counterfeit and Illicit Trades, combined with our technical excellence across blockchain, Digital Transformation and Data Security positions us perfectly to solve all issues in your supply chain provenance, from upstream components to your consumers’ safe usage.

Delivering supply chain digital transformation with advanced cryptography and distributed ledger technologies.

Our Hexavalence Programme is a multi-disciplined blockchain cryptography consultative solution which works to secure your entire Corporate Data and Supply Chains, and take you through a Digital Transformation to become leaders in your sector.

What makes it different?

Secured Data

Focusing on cryptography, zero knowledge proofs and embedded smart contracts, we know how to apply evolving technologies to secure your business.

Scientific Approach

Our Technology is multi award winning and the agnostic approach uses the optimum sciences to make you future proofed leaders.

World Leading Technology

Recognised by Gartner as a Global top 20 Blockchain services provider.

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